Cemetery Listings - Dedication

This entire cemetery program got its start with the late Dr. B. Lake Noyes. Genealogy was a lifelong hobby for him and, since he brought many of us into this world, gathering of vital statistics was relatively easy. In addition to the good Doctor, a number of other people over the years have contributed to the gathering of these cemetery listings. Accordingly, we are dedicating these listings to the following:

Dr. B. Lake Noyes 

The listings would have been nearly impossible without his archival input.

Dorothy Carman 

Dot gathered more listings and started putting them in proper order, a lengthy endeavor.

Janice Olsen

Janice and Ted spent many hours going through the many cemeteries, recording names and dates. 

Ted Nevells

Ted and Janice gathered much information on smaller burial lots located in obscure and remote wooded areas.

Connie Wiberg

Connie and Janice have trudged through every cemetery and burial plot on the Island; with repeated visits to many of them. Connie is the “Kingpin” to this whole project, and we should all be thankful for the many hours that she has put into collecting and organizing these very valuable records.

Monty Small

While Janice, Connie and others did the ground work, it fell to Monty to take all of these records and assemble, record, and print them in a fashion that makes it easy for the researcher.

Ingrid Luke 

Ingrid hails from Clackamas, Oregon. She is related to the Rich family on Isle au Haut, and has been a great source of help in providing information for Isle au Haut cemeteries as well as on Deer Isle.

Janet Barter

Janet is from  Trinidad-Tobago, off the coast of South America. She is related to the Isle au Haut Barters and has provided much information on the Barter family line and for Isle au Haut cemeteries. 

Jan McGrath

Hails from Goolagong, Australia, and is directly related to the Holden family of Deer Isle. Jan has been very helpful in filling in details of that family.

Charlie Childes

Charlie hails from Camden, Maine, but now lives in Citrus Springs, FL. His roots  are with Childes, Small, Dunbar and others.  He has been very helpful in providing information for Deer Isle and Merchant’s Island cemeteries.

Charles Turner 

Charlie lives in Amherst, New Hampshire and has direct lines to the Isle au Haut Turner family. Charles has  provided us with cemetery listings and maps for locating them on Isle au Haut.

Steve Joyce 

Steve has been a big help in spotting errors/omissions and providing missing dates. Steve is directly involved with the Swan’s Island Historical Society and is a relative of Dr. Herman Small, from Sunset, who developed genealogical data on Deer Isle and Swan’s Island. Dr. Small shared  much information with Dr. Noyes.

All the “Others”  

A big “thank you” to all of the many “others” who provided missing names, dates and other pertinent information regarding a relative or acquaintance. It’s amazing how the provision of one piece of information can solve a whole series of problems.

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