About Deer Isle Village

Deer Isle Remembered
1789 - 1989
by the Bicentennial Committee of Deer Isle, Maine.  

Published by Penobscot Bay Press, Copyright 1989, special supplement to The Island Ad-Vantages.

This picture of the main street was taken about 1938-39.

Viewing it brings back fond memories of a time when life moved along at a somewhat slower and perhaps more pleasurable pace.

In 1755 there were 29 cabins of permanent settlers along the shore from Eggemoggin Reach to Campbell's Neck. By the year 1762 the settlers were ready to file a petition with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to get legal title to the land they occupied.  

The gathering political storm and subsequent Revolution delayed any action on this until after the war. By then, there were about 100 families within what was to be Deer Isle.  In 1789 land titles were settled and each owner of five years or more was granted 100 acres in exchange for the cost of surveying and filing of deeds.  Also in 1789 an act creating the town of Deer Isle passed the General Court of Massachusetts. The first town meeting was held April 6, 1789.  (from Deer Isle Remembered).

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