Abbreviations Used in Listings


  • EMMC = Eastern Maine Medical Center, Bangor, ME
  • BHMH = Blue Hill Memorial Hospital, Blue Hill, ME
  • MCMH = Maine Coast Memorial Hospital, Ellsworth, ME
  • INH = Island Nursing Home, Deer Isle, ME
  • PNH = Penobscot Nursing Home, Penobscot, MEDI = Deer Isle, ME
  • Stgtn = Stonington, ME
  • LDI = Little Deer Isle, ME
  • SDI  = South Deer Isle, ME
  • NDI = North Deer Isle, ME
  • w/o = wife of
  • h/o = husband of
  • s/o  = son of
  • d/o = daughter of
  • VR = vital records of DI prior to 1867
  • SL = Still Living (at the time of writing)

Cemeteries are listed in their respective area or district, but they are all within the town of Deer Isle. 

Isle au Haut was part of Deer Isle until it became a town of its own in 1874.   Isle au Haut cemeteries are grouped on the Stonington page

I like to use this Hancock County web site since you can click on “visit the town pages” and then scroll to any town of your choice:

A website of the Deer Isle-Stonington Historical Society